Methis 5-6 (Spring-autumn 2010)

  • Special issue on life writing

    "The Role of Life Writing in Estonian Cultural History"

    ISBN 978-9949-446-64-3
  • doi: 10.7592/methis.v4i5-6

    Language editor: Maarja Hollo

    English summaries translated by: Krista Mits, Leena Kurvet-Käosaar, Blake Royer

    Proofs: Eda-Kai Simmermann, Marju Mikkel, Maarja Hollo 



    Marin LaakForeword

    Leena Kurvet-KäosaarIn a Maze of Concepts: From Autobiography to Life Writing



    1. Rutt Hinrikus – The development of Estonian autobiographical writing from the 19th

    century to the Second World War

     2. Tiina Ann Kirss – ”The Windhover in Youth and Age”: August Kitzberg and the   Founding Texts of Estonian Autobiography

     3. Eve Annuk –  Autobiography as the Discourse of „Truth”: Lilli Suburg’s Minu saatusega võitluskäik

     4. Ave Mattheus – Child(hood) in 19th century Estonia: a Study of Autobiographical Texts

     5. Maris Saagpakk –  Ambivalence in Baltic German Women’s Autobiographical Writing

     6. Maarja Hollo –  From Our Island to Mnemosyne. The Island as an Autobiographical Figure in Bernard Kangro’s work

     7. Aija Sakova –  The Writer’s Duty to Suffer in Order to See and Understand:

    The Literary Vision of Ene Mihkelson and Ingeborg Bachmann

     8. Aare Pilv –  On Self-Writing

     9. Piret Kruuspere – Life Narratives and Estonian Theatre: The Productions of Merle Karusoo

     10. Anneli Saro –  Postdramatic Theatre and Autobiographical Performance

    in Its Social Context

     11. Tiiu Jaago –  Generic Status of Texts Created in the Process of Collecting Memories

     12. Anna Verschik – Possibilities of Research on Linguistic Biographies: Dagmar Normet, a Multilingual Childhood in Estonia



            Gustav Malts – A (Hi)story of Maltsvet's Religion and His Journey to the Crimea

            Rutt Hinrikus –  On the Manuscript of Gustav Malts



            Philippe Lejeune –  Le Pacte Autobiographique

            Leena Kurvet-Käosaar –  Foreword to the translation



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