Methis 26 (Autumn 2020)

Special issue on digital humanities

Compilers: Marin Laak, Piret Viires
Editors: Kanni Labi, Marin Laak
Estonian proof editor: Kanni Labi
English proof editor: Marika Liivamägi



Marin Laak, Piret Viires, Mari Sarv - The Challenges of Digital Culture. Use of Digital Cultural Heritage in Research and Education PDF


  1. Andra Siibak - From the digital generation to the social media generation: the main internet usage trends among Estonian young people leading to generational identity-building PDF
  2. Mikko Tolonen, Eetu Mäkelä, Jani Marjanen, Tuuli Tahko - Integrating Computation into Humanities Education PDF
  3. Maarja Ojamaa, Peeter Torop - Cultural heritage and digital reading: between book and platform  PDF
  4. Larissa Leiminger, Aija Sakova - Issues of Access and Context of Archival Materials: Explorative Database of the Manuscript Collection of the Learned Estonian Society PDF
  5. Theo Meder - Computational analysis of Life Books – a probing study PDF
  6. Eve Annuk, Piret Voolaid - Representing of gender in Estonian graffiti and street art PDF
  7. Mari Sarv - Topic analysis of Estonian runosongs: Prospects and challenges PDF
  8. Risto Järv - Character networks in two books about Reynard the Fox  PDF
  9. Marin Laak - Digital literary heritage projects as a source of language resources: a case of Estonian criticism in KORP  PDF
  10. Piret Viires - New Creative Practices on Internet. Some Remarks on Social Media Literature PDF

Varia Article

Leo Luks - The possibility of overman in the context of digitalised life PDF

Mediation of Theory

Philippe Bootz (transl Marri Amon) -  Digital Literature: Ephemeral in Truth?  PDF
Philippe Bootz (transl Marri Amon) - Saatesõna tõlkele PDF

Archival Find

Maria-Kristiina Lotman , Rebekka Lotman - Jaan Bergmann’s mock-epic Jaaniida: text, context and intertext  PDF

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